Elderly home help companionship

What you can do when your parent needs help

For many people, the worry of their parent(s) getting older and less able to look after themselves can be a great worry.

It’s important to ensure that parents stay healthy and safe and sometimes making decisions for them can be overwhelming.

Here are a few questions you can consider to help with this process :

What are your parent’s care needs?

Considering their daily life in detail will help you understand what might need to be done.

There are a number of different questions you can ask which will help you understand their needs and work out if any extra help is needed.

Are there any home safety concerns?  Are there any fixes which can be done to avoid potential slips or trips?

How near are friends and family and how frequently do they visit?

How mobile are they around the house?  Are all rooms easily accessible?

What would they do in an emergency situation?  

Do they have any medical needs?  How near and accessible is their doctor?

Are their emotional and mental wellbeing needs being met?  How often do they socialise?

What about any spiritual needs?

Do they have a landline or mobile phone which is easy to use?

How is their personal hygiene? 

By considering these and other questions you can get a good understanding of any extra support that might be needed.

What about your own needs?

It’s important to consider your own situation when thinking about how you can help your parents.

There are some things you can ask yourself which again can help you understand if you are in the best situation to provide the required care :

Do you live near enough to visit as often as required?

How is your own health (both physically and mentally)?  Does it allow you to provide the level of care needed?

Do you have the time around your own commitments to be a care provider?

It’s important to consider this early on in the decision process of working out a care plan.

What do your parents want?

It’s important to involve your parents in the care planning process, especially if they are starting to feel they are losing control of aspects of their daily life.

We form great relationships with our clients and their families and understand the importance of fully involving them in any decisions.

What is the financial situation?

Getting home care costs money, as does doing any necessary home safety modifications, and it’s important to think about the costs right from the offset.

It can also be a good idea to talk through your care planning with a specialist financial advisor.

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Here at Cassio Home Help, we understand that everyone has different needs, requirements and health conditions. When we first meet new clients, we complete a support assessment plan. If you have any questions or would like to find out more about the home care service we provide, please do not hesitate to call.