Elderly home help companionship

The benefits of hiring home help support

When a loved one is living at home, but vulnerable, it can be hard to care for them yourself. Perhaps they are struggling with everyday tasks now they are getting older and starting to lose their independence. When you know your loved one is struggling but you live far away or work full time, it can be hard to make sure they are okay.

That’s where we come up. Here at Cassio Home Help we offer a solution for home care in Watford. We help with regular home care in the Watford area. This includes cleaning, shopping, companionship and even those odd jobs around the house like clearing out cupboards or changing lightbulbs.

In this post we look at the benefits of hiring home help support and how our Watford home care team can help you and your elderly or vulnerable loved one.


When you live on your own you can get lonely; it’s the same for your loved ones. You can’t be on the phone to them all day when you’re at work. If you live far away, you are unable to pop in and see them for a cup of tea too. Our caregivers offer that companionship for your loved one. They can provide that essential and ever so precious social interaction through home care in Watford. This companionship can then help stave off loneliness and depression in your loved ones.


It’s easy for a home to quickly become untidy or unclean, especially when you’re not as flexible as energetic as you once were. Our care givers can come to the home of your loved one and clean those hard to reach areas, whether they are high up on cupboards or down behind the furniture. This gives your loved one pride that they have a clean and tidy home if visitors come around. It also gives you the peace of mind that there are no trip hazards in the home and your loved one is safe.


This is a benefit of hiring home help support that many people miss or think the opposite. Our home care professionals in Watford actually support and help your loved one with independent living. They provide ongoing personal care while helping aging or vulnerable individuals continue living safely and comfortably in their own home. By offering that little bit of extra support, the independence of your loved one is extended. It helps improve their outlook on life and boost their self-confidence too.

Regular Checks

Our professional caregivers can see the everyday life of your loved one. They will be able to see if there are any changes in their health or mind. If your loved one is refusing to eat, losing weight suddenly or mismanaging their medication – then you will know about it. Our professional caregivers will be able to detect changes in your loved one and inform you, while offering advice or guidance to help you both.

Peace of Mind

This is perhaps the biggest benefit of hiring home help support; you get peace of mind. Whether you live ten miles away or ten thousand miles away, you know your loved one is safe and being cared for. This one to one personal care that is given to your loved one will make their life easier and more enjoyable, but it will do the same for your life too.